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Micro e-Shop

Easily just focus to Manage your products selling, not your e-Shop features or setting.

Online selling never was so easy!

Easily just focus to Manage your products selling, not your e-Shop features or setting.

Add your products and start selling

Easily just focus to Manage your products selling, not your e-Shop features or setting.
As like as many sellers, establish you own micro e-Shop in eBiziner marketplace to increase you selling by low investment and very easy.
Easily just focus on your products selling.
No code, No programming needed.

It’s totally yours

You make your own decisions for your future. Your store and data belong to you, always – including control over where your data is stored and how it can be used. We are hosting your sites, instead of renting space on someone else’s platform.

Unlimited products

Open source means you’re free to add any feature and sell as many products as you want, including subscriptions and bookings. We won’t limit you to the templates and tools we offer – you can design your store to be just right.

Endless possibilities

WordPress and WooCommerce are integrates seamlessly with the software you already know and trust. Our Marketplace offers hundreds of extensions, so you can be sure that there’s a solution for every need.

Glocalize! your business

Speak with your customers languages and Globalize your business by acing as a Local provider in your target market. With our local Payment and Shipping service Addon's you can play locally in globe.

Online integrated services

You will get our integrated Online services as more match to your business needs and you can easily transfer your business to Digital world

Ready Platforms

Use ready platforms to launch your online business as a professional Landry, Taxi, Delivery etc., service provider

By only 3 easy steps

If you have few products that you just need a way to receive online orders and you don't want to get involved in managing an online store, this service is designed for you.

Login to your eBiziner profile

Select the plan that is more match to your needs. You can upgrade it any time you want.

Go to Vendor Dashboard

Select from more than 850+ pre-built Right to Left or Left to Right WordPress websites templates or order your custom theme

Add Products and get Buy now button

We elected features you may need to run your e-business and also there is Thousands of features you may wish to use

Many product types supported

You can sell and set up many types of products on your own e-store

  • Physical products
  • Digital goods
  • Gift vouchers
  • Tickets for your own events
  • Donation drives
  • Fundraisers
  • Subscription services
  • Quote requests

Manage your store products

You will able to Manage your products

  • Add your products
  • Manage your products details,
  • Change images, prices, info of your products
  • Manage inventory
  • Print address labels and packing lists
  • use stock control

Your e-Store Mobile Version

More than Responsive. it is Mobile-First

  • Let people shop from your Mobile version e-store
  • Fully synchronized with your shop
  • Button "Add To Cart" in fly-out style

Color, Label & Images Swatches

Generate color, label and images swatches to display the available product variable attributes like colors, sizes, styles, ...

Everything will start with Your choice

Select one of Micro e-Shop plans to start selling

Economic Plan
Billed annually - Exc. VAT
Optimum Plan
Billed annually - Exc. VAT
👑​ PRO
High performance
Billed annually - Exc. VAT

Frequent Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions. You can also your questions by our Contact us forms

eBiziner Buy Now Button  link, allows your customers to purchase your products in just one click—they don’t even have to leave your site, and they won’t be directed elsewhere to complete their checkout. You can add many products and you will have a link for each one. This will able you to put each product in defferent pages or places of your blog posts.

Our gateway is PayPal and you will have access to it so we will calculate PayPal Fee Calculation.

For example: If you need $100 and you want to invoice $100,  net amount will be 95.30 per $100 transaction.

And if your eBiziner fees is 8%, it means 8% off $100 ($8) and you will receive  87.30% (95.30$ – 9$)

Proceeds: $100
Sales: $100
Costs: $12.70
Payment processing fee: 4.4% + $0.3: $4.70
eBiziner fee: (8%) $8.00
Net Profit: $87.30
(To net $100, you should have a sale price of $114.50)

By eBiziner Buy Now Button Link you can sell your products any where you like in your website page or blog post, website sidebar or partner websites and start selling easily. eBiziner Buy Now button isn’t limited to selling via your WordPress Website. You can sell and promote your products on any website as well as on Facebook, Twitter and any other social media. Sell via comments, online chats, emails campaigns.

Sell on your homepage. If your website page does not look like a store, you can add some of your products to this landing page and sell your most popular products.

Sell on a sidebar. You can place a eBiziner Buy Now Button on the sidebar of your blog or web page. This will help for more selling chance when it is constantly in front of customers’ eyes and tempts them while they browse your website.

Sell on your blog. Are you a blogger and have a blog for yourself? So it will be great chance to sell products that are placed in right place of  your related posts categories. You can add your products right in the article’s body text to catch new customers while they read your posts.

Sell on partner websites. You can add Buy Now Buttons to any website, as many times as you want. All you need is to copy the link code of your products and past it on to your partner.

Also Sell on Error 404 pages!  Don’t lose any chance of selling. You can put eBiziner Buy Now Button inside of error 404 page to keep shoppers interested, you can place a Buy Now button with popular products here too.

Yes you can upgrade your e-shop when needed to upper level and get more performance for your eshop.