Google Maps in your website!

Web design now days is something that is very common in the world we live in, some nice designs and some bad ones too, but still they are designs. Some companies and clients ask to put their address on their website, easy right? well some ask to actually show the map of the street that […]

What is Material Design?

Introducing the Material Design Style and its Application. Following the significant success of the Bootstrap framework and the attention of website designers in the world, Google has come to the forefront of its features and standards that Twitter has introduced and expanded. Material Design, originally a conceptual guide to creating a standard web design, was […]

Everything to know about Alexa

In 1996, Alexa’s website began to target users with better access to their web pages based on their performance. Since then, Alex’s toolbar has been downloaded millions of times, and users around the world have contributed to making Alexa’s website one of the world’s largest databases. Ultimately, Alexa is a good source of information about […]

Hello Metaverse

Metaverse Commerce as a special designed virtual shop building in Decentraland will be available for eBiziner customers soon. Keep in touch and follow our good news.