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Full control and customizable e-Business and e-Commerce solutions for Transferring your Small, Medium and Enterprise business or commerce to Digital world.

Our Services

Our value added services are very useful for making your Online business more than a Website or e-Commerce site. Our services designed to give very simple solution for empowering and developing your Online business.

Digital Transformation

Transfor your current business to Digital business now easily.

e-Commerce Technologies

Use offered e-Commerce technologies will help you to get more satisfied customers and doing your business faster and cheaper that competitors.

Website Designing

If you need to completely have custum designed website, our professional designing service is ready to do the best.

Ready-To-Use business platforms

Do you need to start your Online business by ready to use platforms? Online Taxi, Landery, Restaurant, Academy, etc.,

Glocalization solutions

Think Global but act Local! By our Glocalization services you can offer local Logistic, Payment, Currencies and Languages.

Mobile App design

Need to launch your online business on Mobile Applications platforms? We can design and develop your fully customized App for Android and iOS.

What is e-Business builder?

Transform your Business to the Digital World as an Online Business easily with our e-Business builder services.
With our more than 25 years of experience in best practice solutions, all of your services will be available on an online website for your customers around the world as multi-language and multi-currency Glocalized (Local services from Global business) online business and empower your business by using computing powers in your online website.
Select from 880+ pre-built RTL/LTR WordPress websites and start customising your business Digital Transformation!
You can have your Digital and Online business by using our Website Builder, Organization Portals, Business platforms etc., We also offer you Ready-to-use online Platforms for ready businesses such as Online Landry, Online Taxi, Online Delivery and more. We will set it up for your business quickly.

What is e-Commerce builder?

Sell everywhere easily by eBiziner e-Commerce ready eShop's. You can Sell everywhere by our integrated e-Commerce eShop's and start selling online at your own website and also on the Facebook store, Instagram store, Google shop, Amazon, eBay and etc.,
By using eBiziner eShop builder you will have ability to use Mobile Shopping, ChatBots for managing orders by WhatsApp, Point of Sale integrate sale system We will also offer your Global e-Commerce the Local Payment and Shipping services providers by eBiziner eShop Builder and also fulfilment technologies and logistic solutions

Web Services

By our stable and powerful infrastructures base on our the best of world suppliers services and cloud providers, we can offer you our Powerful Web Services for supporting your e-Business/e-Commerce much better and you can get all your web needs by eBiziner as like as Web Hosting services, VPS's, and also Domain registration, EMail and File Hosting services, Google G Suit, SSL Security certificates, etc.,

Build Your Website with eBiziner

From professional business to enterprise, we've got you covered!

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